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Ladigita.com is a community for money makers(who are interested in making money from internet).The mission is To help everybody to make money from Internet!



  • Money making tutorials
  • Huge articles ,tips,tricks on making money from online
  • Help users to sell their digital products
  • Help users to create their own sites(provides free space,tools,domain even contents)


Money Making Policy

Just follow the following steps sincerely,and we guarantee you that you will start making money immediately !

  1. Gather Knowledge from huge money making articles,tips,tricks,docs.
  2. Make posts,comments,invite others,contribute & get engaged to the community and you will earn money.
  3. Sell your online products(ex. articles,books,tools,others) which may help people to earn money from internet & start making money!We will even tech you how to create your own products.
  4. Create Sites which you always wanted to create.We provide you space ,bandwidth,features,supports.Earn money from advertising ,memberships,and other thousands ways from your sites!
  5. More options will be coming soon!



LD is the short form of Ladigita Dollar(s) & L$ is the symbol of LD.We use LDs in Ladigita as an internal currency for any transactions.The Exchange Rate is 1 U.S.D= 100LD Or $1=L$100



General Rules:

  • If you caught spamming your account will be banned
  • You cant sell other’s copyrighted materials without their permission
  • Payment can be requested from date 1 to 10 every month.
  • If the buyer claim that he didn get the product according to seller product’s description & request a refund, we will investigate and take appropriate decision.
  • No pornography


Account Termination:

If your account get banned at any reason that have been mentioned above,all of the money(LD) will be lost from the account.

Ownership & decision making rights:

All the contents (scripts,site files,site images, etc) are the property of ladigita.com except user generated or submitted contents(products,articles,images).Ladigita.com is not responsible for any user generated contents. Ladigita.com only host it’s members generated contents.Ladigita.com reserve the right to add, change,edit or delete any content it hosts without the member’s permission.Ladigita.com reserve the rights to take any kind of decision it thinks good for it’s members & for the community .


Normally the ownership of the content goes to the author who submitted the contents.

Third party  Content ownership:

Internet is a huge place. If anyone claim and proof that any ladigita.com user’s submitted contents has his/her ownership we will happily delete the content or give the credit to the original content owner upon content owner’s permission.


Ladigita.com will remain free for general users.but users can upgrade their account for more features with a monthly/Yearly fees.

Selling fees: 30% of per sale.

Ladigita.com reserve the right to change it’s terms and condition anytime it wishes .


When you join to ladigita.com you must have to agree to all of it’s terms and conditions.

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