Xtreme Membership
Xtreme Membership

Xtreme Membership is for Advanced Marketer and Individuals who needs daily automation in their workplace and personal usages .



Benefits of having Xtreme membership:

  • Unlimited access to all of our software and tools
  • 1 custom automation softwares every month(monthly subscription only)
  • Dedicated support 24 hours
  • Lifetime updates & support

At only $50 per month

Get all of our software for lifetime for only $200


Note: Updates and support will be available for existing softwares , that were available at the date you subscribed

Custom web Automation software terms:

Total 1 web automation softwares will be created every month for this membership holders. No captch, No proxy, No multi threading support available in this membership, if you want those features you will have to switch to Custom Automation membership, where every feature is supported.

Each software could have total 5 steps to automate


step 1 : click a button

step 2: scrape a data field

step 3: Fill a form field

Step 4: Submit a form

step 5: Send email

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